Letter From Our Founder



    In the great words of Confucius, A (wo)man of humanity is one who...desiring attainment for (her)self, helps others to attain." To be a philanthropist one must be in pursuit of uncapped income. The ability to impact the world, change communities and change lives, rest upon the ability to create resources and opportunities. As a mother, we give life to our children, but we also give life to their experiences, their humanity, their futures. We live to change the world, and the wealth that they will inherit. Being a Billionaire Mom, is a mind set...it is exponentially multiplying your God-given talent in pursuit of life-changing prosperity and influence, that impacts the world and last generations to come. 


My passion is rooted in my experience as a mother in pursuit of a better life for my children and their children. My circumstances didn't define me, they motivated me to give them what I didn't have for myself, and my desire is to share my experiences with other moms so they can do the same. See, I haven't done my job if my children are they only ones that reap what I have sown. In the great words of the good book, "... do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." It's not just my responsibility, it is my mandate. 

I am excited for Billionaire Moms to make Impact for generations to come.


Love ,

Brandi "Inarbi" Campbell